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“Its Amazing How it Blends With My Hair
to Look Thicker & Fuller!”

Applying Hair Thickening Fibers is a quick, safe and easy cosmetic solution for anyone who wants the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.  Easily apply dry, hypo-allergenic, Natural Keratin Hair Fibers to thinning areas.  Made of the same protein as your real hair, these hair fibers automatically cling to your existing hair and scalp and blend in seamlessly for a thicker fuller look.

Hair Loss can be devastating to a person’s self image and confidence.
You Can Fill in Sparse, Thinning Areas Quickly & Easily by applying a Light Mist of Natural Keratin Fibers.
• A Remarkably Simple Solution That Blends Seamlessly With Your Hair to Fill in Thinning Areas!
• Easily & Precisely Apply to Thin Areas With The Patented AirPump Applicator
Testimonials & Before/After Results From People Using TopSecret!
“Its so remarkably effective & natural…
…I feel so much better going out!”


“Applying Top Secret doesn’t take a lot of time….
…surprised it worked so well – It was quite amazing.”


“It has drastically improved my life…
…It’s made me feel young and sexy again!”


“Fibers look like real hair…natural & undetectable…
…makes me feel better about going out in the world.”


“All my life I have had thinning hair…
…with TopSecret I feel pretty every day!”


“Its quick & easy to fill my thin areas…
…Its such an amazing difference!”