Success Stories


“Its Amazing How it Blends With My Hair
to Look Thicker & Fuller!”

Applying Hair Thickening Fibers is a quick, safe and easy cosmetic solution for anyone who wants the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.  Easily apply dry, hypo-allergenic, Natural Keratin Fibers to thinning areas.  Made of the same protein as your real hair, these fibers automatically cling to your existing hair and scalp and blend in seamlessly for a thicker fuller look.

Hair Loss can be devastating to a person’s self image and confidence.
You Can Fill in Sparse, Thinning Areas Quickly & Easily by applying a Light Mist of Natural Keratin Fibers.
• A Remarkably Simple Solution That Blends Seamlessly With Your Hair to Fill in Thinning Areas!
• Easily & Precisely Apply to Thin Areas With The Patented AirPump Applicator
Testimonials & Before/After Results From People Using TopSecret!
“Its so remarkably effective & natural…
…I feel so much better going out!”


“Applying Top Secret doesn’t take a lot of time….
…surprised it worked so well – It was quite amazing.”


“It has drastically improved my life…
…It’s made me feel young and sexy again!”


“Fibers look like real hair…natural & undetectable…
…makes me feel better about going out in the world.”


“All my life I have had thinning hair…
…with TopSecret I feel pretty every day!”


“Its quick & easy to fill my thin areas…
…Its such an amazing difference!”