Frequently Asked Questions

Can I brush or comb my hair while wearing Top Secret?

Yes.   You may need to touch up Top Secret after brushing or combing.   For best results, style hair first and then apply Top Secret.

Is Top Secret laboratory tested?

Yes, Top Secret is dermatology tested and hypoallergenic.It does not clog pores, nor damage existing hair, or hair growth.

How long can I expect Top Secret to stay in place? Will I have to reapply it during the day or evening?

Top Secret stays in place until you shampoo it out.   Top Secret remains on your scalp and not on your pillow over night.   You may need to reapply or touch up in the morning if you are not shampooing your hair.

Does Top Secret run when I sweat or get caught in the rain?

No, it stays in place in light rain.   We recommend using the TS Hair Spray for bad weather or for being physically active.

Is Top Secret for men and women?

Yes.  It works equally well for both men and women.

Will it work even if I have very little hair left on my head?

No, this is not recommended.   You must have some hair on your head for Top Secret’s fibers to cling to and to look natural.

Is Top Secret safe to use on my eyebrows or beard?

Yes, absolutely.

Why is Top Secret different than other products on the market?

Our fibers are colors are the most natural looking.   We offer 9 colors that can be mixed to create the perfect match.  Our patented precision air burst applicator allows for more precise, controlled and natural looking application.

Does it wash out easily?

Yes.   Just wash your hair as usual.

Will Top Secret come off on my pillow or clothes?

No, our fibers stay in place until you wash them out.   You will never see fibers on your pillow or your clothes.

What happens if someone runs their hand through my hair?

Top Secret is a cosmetic solution so there is a chance when “rubbed” directly a small amount may come off.

What are the fibers made of?

The fibers are made of natural plant derived keratin protein. Top Secret has been FDA approved for use as a cosmetic.

Will Top Secret help my hair to grow like Propecia or Rogain?

Unlike topical treatments Top Secret is a cosmetic.   It is safe to use while using any topical treatment but it does not act as a “hair” growth treatment.   It is recommended that you allow the topical treatment to dry before applying Top Secret.

Are Top Secret Hair Fibers sweat proof?

Yes, Top Secret Hair Fibers are Sweat Proof, especially when used with our pre-application Grooming Clay and Hair Finishing Spray